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Handy Kitchen Items

by KosherFoodStories
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As part of the fun we have on Kosher Food Stories is the feedback we get when we post cool kitchen hacks and fun tools to use. 

I was scouring the web to find handy kitchen tools that will save us time and are fun to use and I found a few see below.

  1. Corn on The COB Stripper GET IT HERE OR  CLICK BELOW

2.  BUTTER KNIFE – We all love butter on our bread, but that hassle of not being able to shmear the butter on our bread here is the perfect solution!! GET IT HERE OR CLICK BELOW 

3. This is a handy tool that will tenderize your meat or your chicken. Do not spend the time pounding it , simply use this handy tenderizing tool.  GET IT HERE OR CLICK BELOW